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                                                         New York, East Village, 1996. We met John at an antique mar-
                                                         ket. He dealt in old photographs. At first, he seemed grouchy
                                                         and taciturn. Then, suddenly invigorated, he showed us his
                                                         treasures: press photos from the 1920s. We were thrilled –
                                                         with John and the pictures. Full of the pride of discovery, we
                                                         bought five original photo prints. Back then, a door opened to
                                                         a whole new world: the world of art photography. It is black-
                                                         and-white and colorful, analog and digital, vibrant and inspir-
                                                         ing. In this world, we discovered the unknown  and learned
                                                         how to rediscover what we already knew.

                                                         The LUMAS story started exactly 15 years ago with our first
                                                         gallery in Berlin-Mitte. These days, we share our passion with
                                                         photography enthusiasts in 29 galleries worldwide, and, with
                                                         more than 3,000 artworks, the LUMAS portfolio is among the
                                                         most diverse collections of photographic and contemporary
                                                         art. In this magazine, join us in a celebration of 15 years of
                                                         “The Liberation of Art” and discover extraordinary and afford-
                                                         able, hand-signed Limited Editions.

                                                         Welcome to LUMAS. Welcome to the world of art!

 Isabelle Menin Etude Pour Un Apres Midi 02, Ltd. Edition of 75, signed
 Item No. IME46, 70.9 x 95.7  inches / 187.6 x 250.6 cm (other sizes available)    Stefanie Harig and Marc Ullrich
 $ 5,990 / £ 4,990 / € 4,490                                        Founders of LUMAS
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