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                                      FOUR PORTRAITS. FOUR INSPIRING STORIES

                                Blaublut | Gaetan Caputo High Profile, Ltd. Edition of 150, signed
                               Item No. BLB96, 27.6 x 18.5 inches / 70 x 47 cm (other sizes available)
                                                  $ 599 / £ 499 / € 499

        Human faces are endlessly fascinating, spawning an enor-  Belgian fashion photographer  Gaetan Caputo fully under-
        mously diverse range of approaches and techniques for de-  stands the tried and true formula of less is more, which helps
        picting them. Whether a portrait uses photography, painting,   him reveal a higher dialog. He combines simple contrasts in
        or mixed media, the result is always something unique, new,   a convincing way to create brilliant, new fashion portraits. Se-
        and beautiful. The subject should be illuminated in the picture,   vere angles versus natural, curving lines; black against white
        depicted by their face, expression, or inimitable eyes. A good   – in his portrait of a modern Cleopatra, avant-garde meets
        portrait always generates its own visual vocabulary. Reading   antiquity. Everything is elegantly planned down to the last de-
        it and receiving its sensory messages are what makes the   tail, then precisely and beautifully executed. The contrasts in
        encounter so alluring.                           the image and its contents are extreme. This elevates Caputo’s
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