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Joseph Cela Peeping, Ltd. Edition of 100, signed
        Item No. JCE01, 30.7 x 39.4 inches / 78 x 100 cm, $ 899 / £ 749 / € 799

        picture to a complexly stylized feat in which a slew of art his-  directly related to the subject. The manner in which he com-
        tory and aesthetic references interweave to form a topological   bines  and  arranges  these  materials  adds  a  new  dimension
        puzzle of styles.                                to the portrait, a likeness of the painter Pablo Picasso in this
                                                         case. Everything – images, texts, newspaper clippings, pieces
        Canadian artist André Monet, on the other hand, puts con-  of maps, and more – is visually and contextually related. The
        temporary icons at the center of his multifaceted portrait col-  collage materials playfully illuminate the subject of the portrait
        lages. He reflects on the subjects using a technique based   in a previously unseen way.
        on quotation. Everything in his pieces originates from materials
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